I just got punked by my 7 month old

Who was fake sleeping and being cute pretending to say momma in his sleep until he peeked one eye open and cracked up. Seriously kid, seriously?! 7 months old!!!

Ella with her mommy, great grandmother, great great grandmother and great great great grandmother

First of all, you totally just made my life!!! Seriously that will make me smile for years, thank you beautiful!!!

And I am so in love with these, Bre did a great job!

Crappy quality because they are pics of the computer screen but i am so excited to see how they all come out!!!

12 years, braces, contacts and makeup make a difference y’all!!

Time to do work!!

Except i lost my skewers so no fruit bouquet just flower cut fruit salad. Oh well. The cakes are done! Now for layer dip, baked beans, the hams, 48 chicken breasts marinated 4 ways, decorating and then cleaning the kitchen and i still need to do my hair. Lmao can Mom and Bre be here to help now. Oh and the chocolate covered strawberries still need their chocolate

Just an FYI Y’all

negativity and hate will not be permitted

Off to have a family photoshoot

Courtesy of my bestie! Very excited for a spring photo session in the poppies. Plus the girls are going to play so that is a bonus. Then to finish on the cakes and strawberries. Tomorrow is a big day but I’m excited to have my ridiculously big family together for the kids. And that includes my two closest girl friends and their daughters!
What a beautiful life.

So my gorgeous ring I had gotten for my birthday had the center stone and two side stones fall out during a cleaning. Luckily I got it cleaned at the store we bought it and the manager inspected it after. He then got very upset and rechecked their system. The ring was not running up with details just saying a purchase and from his inspection it was poorly made. He was very dissatisfied and told me he would prefer it be replaced instead of shipped because it is not one he even recognizes his store carrying. So he replaced my chunky, busy halo ring with a ring I originally wanted that looks like my first engagement ring. Which made me very happy because I missed my old ring. I was shocked at the not only replacement but upgrade in the ring at no charge. I always value people who go above and beyond for their customers!! 

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