It is crazy to me that this was 10 months ago. Pregnancy is a love hate relationship. I don’t miss pregnancy itself but am sad that I will never experience this again. I am so thankful that I even had the opportunity to carry and deliver two beautiful children. Motherhood is truly the greatest adventure of my life.

Today was glorious, because both children actually napped! My little Munsters very rarely nap at all and never at the same time!
Did I take this glorious opportunity to get stuff done?
Nope this momma took a nap too!

A job opportunity came up for Ryan

Making okay money where he would be gone 12hrs a day. But it would also mean neither of us could go to school and although yes he could move up in the field it would take 8 years to be making enough to really support a family of four comfortably. (Lets be honest Southern CA is ridiculous in any area that isn’t simply dirt)
His father is really pushing him to take this job but I have to argue this:
He will be in school a year and a half to enter a job field where his education will double the hourly pay that this current job offers and ensure full benefits.
Not only that but in this day and age families get by on one income but can actually thrive on two. After I finish school we will not simply get by… We can live comfortably. No I’m not talking tons of cash to throw around but to afford an annual family vacation, put the children in extra curriculars and lessons that interest them. We would like to Buy our own house on property. We would like to eventually have a portion of land where we can support a summer camp for children with needs.

I guess my lesson of the day is this

Give a man a fish he eats for a day
Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.

I just got punked by my 7 month old

Who was fake sleeping and being cute pretending to say momma in his sleep until he peeked one eye open and cracked up. Seriously kid, seriously?! 7 months old!!!

Ella with her mommy, great grandmother, great great grandmother and great great great grandmother

First of all, you totally just made my life!!! Seriously that will make me smile for years, thank you beautiful!!!

And I am so in love with these, Bre did a great job!

Crappy quality because they are pics of the computer screen but i am so excited to see how they all come out!!!

12 years, braces, contacts and makeup make a difference y’all!!

Time to do work!!

Except i lost my skewers so no fruit bouquet just flower cut fruit salad. Oh well. The cakes are done! Now for layer dip, baked beans, the hams, 48 chicken breasts marinated 4 ways, decorating and then cleaning the kitchen and i still need to do my hair. Lmao can Mom and Bre be here to help now. Oh and the chocolate covered strawberries still need their chocolate

Just an FYI Y’all

negativity and hate will not be permitted

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