Off to have a family photoshoot

Courtesy of my bestie! Very excited for a spring photo session in the poppies. Plus the girls are going to play so that is a bonus. Then to finish on the cakes and strawberries. Tomorrow is a big day but I’m excited to have my ridiculously big family together for the kids. And that includes my two closest girl friends and their daughters!
What a beautiful life.

So my gorgeous ring I had gotten for my birthday had the center stone and two side stones fall out during a cleaning. Luckily I got it cleaned at the store we bought it and the manager inspected it after. He then got very upset and rechecked their system. The ring was not running up with details just saying a purchase and from his inspection it was poorly made. He was very dissatisfied and told me he would prefer it be replaced instead of shipped because it is not one he even recognizes his store carrying. So he replaced my chunky, busy halo ring with a ring I originally wanted that looks like my first engagement ring. Which made me very happy because I missed my old ring. I was shocked at the not only replacement but upgrade in the ring at no charge. I always value people who go above and beyond for their customers!! 

He is so beautiful. There are no words.

I am honestly blessed I get to work such a wonderful event every year. I love getting to show my support for Autism Awareness and Social Inclusion surrounded my hundreds of artists who feel passionate about the same cause. Excited to see a lot of friends I have made over the years that continue to play at this event. Going to have to work my little booty off again, but at least this year I won’t be big pregnant! Ella won’t be able to make it this year but the guys are all really excited to meet the newwest member of the Yes I Can Family! Time to make a YIC onsie for the little dude!!

What a smart little buggy she is!! She loves to learn and that is such an amazing gift. We are practicing what it will be like when she starts school this Fall!

I am so blessed to have children that adore one another! My heart explodes whenever I hear Fynn shout “Ella!” Whenever he sees her. What an amazing big sister she is, constantly helping him learn. She is always concerned for his well being. He chases her around eager to participate in every activity she is involved in. I am so happy we made the decision to have two. I can’t imagine their life without one another.

So much to do!!!

Throwing a 50 guest Easter celebration on Saturday and there is so much prepping, scrubbing, cleaning and decorating to do! I am making two hams and a turkey and that alone means I will be waking up at 4am the day of. Not to mention appetizers, chocolate covered strawberries and fruit bouquets. Friday I am making two cheese cakes and a pineapple upside down cake. Oi vay!

I have been working really hard to practice healthy eating/living. I want to do anything I can to improve my health and be as fit as possible. Originally I was working hard using the Brazil Butt Lift DVDs but was unaware how they were effecting my spinal fracture. When my doctor evaluated my bones and nerve flexibility he sent me to physical therapy where I learned that although my abdominal muscles were in good condition my obliques were practically non-existent because I had been compensating for my back. Just doing simple exercises to improve core strength and a bit of a modified yoga to improve my circulation have done wonders for my day to day life. Cutting out all carbs that aren’t whole grain or complex carbs paired with eating a high protein/low sugar diet for my hypoglycemia has put me back into my wedding day size! In only a couple weeks I watch my body shed the last two waist inches and last hip inch to put me back where I am comfortable. I haven’t felt this comfortable with my figure in years!